USA Wrestling Card

Purchasing a USA Wrestling card for your child

For your son or daughter to participate in the LMYW club it is necessary to purchase a USA Wrestling card from

If you are new to LMYW see Step 1

If you are NOT new to LMYW see Step 10

Step 1: Click Here if you do not already have one.

Step 2: Fill out all pertinent information.

Step 3: Write down User Id (normally an 8 digit number) and password

Step 4: Select “Athlete” and “Add your son/daughter as new member”

Step 5: Double check to make sure all information is inputted correctly

Step 6: Select “New York Full Athlete Membership”

Step 7: Type Scott Gilberti Wrestling Club into “Get club” section and wait for the name to pop up.

* You do not need to have hard plastic copy sent to you. Once process is complete you will be able to print off paper copy.

Step 8: Fill out rest of page, complete payment and print copy of card.

Step 9: Copy USA wrestling number from card to registration form.

Step 10: Sign in with User Id (normally an 8 digit number) and password

Step 10A: If you have forgotten user name/password use recovery system

Step 11: Select “Renew Athlete” and click on USAW ID or fill in athlete information

Step 12: Return to Step 7 and continue to Step 9